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טרלידור 2021


For 30 years Trellidor Israel manufactures, markets and installs a range of home and business protective products. Our products include metal bars for protecting openings in a variety of designs and designs.

Trellidor, the largest company in Israel, pioneered the use of aluminum for various applications such as: designed entrance gates, electric parking gates, fences, balustrades, stair railings, pergolas and more.

The company's branches are spread throughout the country and specialize in providing creative and quality protection solutions, advising private customers, architects and contractors, providing, installing and servicing tens of thousands of satisfied customers who have purchased the quality products of Trellidor.

Trellidor Israel markets its products worldwide. The company has representative offices in the United States, Greece, Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt, Cyprus, Russia and the UK.

We will be happy to assist you at any time.


We are proud pioneers of aluminum gates in Israel! You can actually see Trellidor entrance gates on just about every street in the country.

They come in an almost unlimited range of types and designs to provide you not only with maximum safety, security and privacy but also the most attractive and esthetic styling and appearance. We are happy to incorporate less traditional materials such as glass or wood into the gate to further enhance the entrance to your family home or building. The combination of imaginative and esthetic design with high-tech manufacturing methods will guarantee that your house stands out from others for that extra prestigious style.

Electric gates are the perfect solution for private homes, businesses and public buildings, such as apartment buildings, shopping malls and hotels. The different opening methods include sliding, overhead and wing gates. We attend to every feature of planning and design and make sure to adapt our gates to each individual location, taking into account aspects like location and number of users.

Operating motors, entry control and remote control Gates may be operated manually or by means of a designated remote control, intercom, cell phone or even an exclusive Trellidor phone app. We are sole importers in Israel of King Italy, a subsidiary of the global company NICE. All types of motors comply with the highest standards, including the most advanced technology, and are approved for use by the Standards Institution of Israel.

We will be happy to suggest the best and most effective design for an automatic gate for your site and know you will enjoy using it long term!

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Fences & Barriers

Trellidor’s wide range of fences and railings are styled to the highest quality and adapted to the individual requirements and personal preference of each and every customer.

Fences and railings are closely matched to the design of the building’s entrance gates, guaranteeing an esthetic and uniform appearance.

Our designs include automatic fences; fences combined with glass designs; metalwork incorporating aluminum; many different styles of interior fences; balcony railings; and protective rooftop rails.

Recent high-tech developments also permit an angled floating profile that combines clean lines and privacy for occupants.



A pergola is an open-sided roof-like structure designed to protect an outdoor space such as a balcony, patio or terrace from rain and sun. Today pergolas in a wide variety of designs and materials adorn almost all gardens and roof gardens in Israel. 

Trellidor’s aluminum pergolas are maintenance free and require no painting or cleaning. With so many options to choose from, you can have square; rectangular; circular; enclosed; open and more. We are the best people to advise on your choice of designs and shading capability, all in aluminum: louvered, wavy, high-tech design – let your imagination run free!

Check out our selection of pergola and awning designs, as well as other shading solutions, on this website.


Panel Doors

There is no shortage of panel doors in Israel, but unique features set Trellidor’s garage doors apart from other products. These include sealed edges along the full length of the door; a safety mechanism to prevent the door from accidentally closing or falling; double rollers, covered spring system for a finished look; and more.

Trellidor’s panel doors are known for their high standards of safety, longevity and quiet, smooth operation – all features characteristic of our uncompromising adherence to top quality products.


Laundry guard covers

Trellidor is a long-time pioneer of new trends in laundry guards and wall claddings.

We offer a wide selection of cladding styles from louvers, high-tech designs with a 20/40 profile and any other design of your choice!

Also a choice of smooth or granular paint finishes, as well as wood-appearance paints in different colors.

We match laundry guard covers and cladding as closely as possible for color and design to other existing products in your home.

Seek our advice as soon as possible and maximize your options!




We pride ourselves on our expertise in a wide variety of stair rail designs using many different elements: aluminum; oak cladding; rails for spiral stairs extending over several floors; rails combining glass elements; and exterior and interior stairs for building sites.

Today’s technology makes it possible to integrate design elements that in the past were not considered part of the design, such as doors, floors, railings and more. Stair rails are now seen as an extension of the overall design style and reflect the home owner’s personal preference and taste, no less than soft furnishings or any other aspect of design. Our consultants are leaders in Israel’s metal industry who are happy to advise customers and offer tips to help choose the rails best suited to them and their home. 


Glass railings


Trellidor glass railings are manufactured to the strictest and most exacting standards to ensure safety even in homes where there are small children. The railings are painstakingly finished and polished to make them both safe and comfortable to touch and handle. We also produce aluminum rails with a stainless steel finish for the most up-to-date designer look.




Swimming pool railings

If you own a private swimming pool it is essential to install a surrounding safety rail to prevent young children or anyone unauthorized from accessing the pool unsupervised.

With your safety in mind Trellidor has developed a wide selection of railings with a variety of opening mechanisms:

Fixed railings with an access opening. Removable railings that leave the area clear when not in use.

And the last word in pool railings: a hydraulic mechanism that retracts the railing into the ground at the press of a button.

Our pool railings come in a wide selection of materials, from aluminum to aluminum-glass combination or only glass.

Consult us for advice as soon as possible and we will help you make the best choice for your requirements.


Window bars and grilles have become a vital form of protection for homes, business premises and people. Folding? Fixed? Transparent? Any of these and more are possible.

They remain the most effective deterrent to unwanted intruders and today’s huge choice of styles means there’s no need to sacrifice esthetics to safety and security. Not only need the design and appearance of bars not interfere with the look of the building, they can actually add to it! Today’s protection is an integral element in design.

Trellidor’s huge selection of bar designs includes: folding; fixed (non-retractable) in steel or aluminum; transparent; special designs for business; and more. 

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Precision laser work

Thanks to today’s state-of-the-art lasers, metal and aluminum designs now know no limits.

Trellidor is proud to own two advanced laser systems able to cut any metal to a thickness of 25 mm. This guarantees the most precise level of finishing and cutting on a wide range of laser-manufactured products, including ground level window grilles; custom designed screens; fences and gates incorporating engraved names and dedications.

We have extensive experience and expertise in working with steel and aluminum raw materials and our team of design and protection consultants will be happy to advise you on how to enhance your home or business with the design best suited to your needs.


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English courtyards

We manufacture an extensive range of coverings and cladding for basement and ground level window grilles.

These include standard iron covering; aluminum profiles; laser-cuts based on any design or sketch.

The many different materials used include iron, aluminum and even stainless steel and like our other products, each is made according to the architect’s or designer’s specific requirements and can be finished in any color of your choice


Institutional furniture

Trellidor offers a range of furniture products for installation in public areas of institutions.

Our furniture includes bench seats, trash bins and bicycle stands suitable for public areas in condominiums, businesses and commercial plants.

Designs are produced further to the architect or designer’s instructions and come in many colors, incorporating a company or local authority logo by request.